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On Saturday the 19th of November 16 volunteers were picked up outside the Spring Street office early in the morning. We were taken out to Wandong to help our partners Habitat for Humanity on their 101st Brush with Kindness volunteer day.

A Helping Hand

The beneficiaries of our help were an elderly couple, Drago and Draga whose home and property had been destroyed by the bushfires, they subsequently rebuilt over the nine months after the bushfires.

Both husband and wife are getting older and Drago has been diagnosed with cancer. We were there to help then clear the land and tidy things up for them. We cleared fence lines, re-posted fences, cut grass and cut down trees for firewood for them for during winter.

It rained almost all the time we were out in the paddock and most of us donned the beautiful plastic ponchos. It was a great result and we managed to turn the property around and help the couple out.

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