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Three years after the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, two new homes were recently handed over to families at Yea in Victoria, Australia.

Part of the Habitat for Humanity’s Yea Housing Estate Project, where a total of 25 homes will be re-built between 2012-2014, a ceremony was held at Yea on Wed 12th December to celebrate the handover of the second and third homes completed in this ambitious project.

Arup has had a long standing involvement with this project – from inception in 2009 to town planning, subdivision and civil works prior to construction beginning on the new homes in 2012.

Helping Families in Need

Two young families were the grateful recipients of keys to their new homes – both excited and thrilled at the prospect of being able to move into their new homes. The parents were full of praise for the efforts and contribution made by the teams from Arup - along with all the other volunteers and organisations involved in this project.

“Over the past six months we have taken up four separate groups of Arup staff along with partners, family members and friends… and have been able to help with the construction on each of the five houses on site.” 
Peter Bowtell, Arup
“Much work was undertaken and achieved on these days. Plenty of fresh air and sunshine, lots of light hearted banter and laughter, good company and heaps of food. All in all - a great success. The handover of the homes a credit to all involved.” 

A Team Effort

In total – 47 individuals have made the trip up to Yea (including 39 staff members) - many making the effort on multiple days.

Peter & Anne Bowtell, Frank Gargano , Brendon McNiven , Conor Monaghan , Brendan McNamee, Georgina Reddin (Wallace) & partner Tom , Alan Morgan, Jon Osborne, Angela Williams & son Will, David Perl, Natasha Randall, John & Sandy King, Harriet Priddey, Nick Stone & partner Leo, Mitchell Findlay, Rachel Ngu, Marinna Duffield & friend John Keating, Will Gouthrie, James Danatzis, Jillian Hardie, Robin & Nicole King, Lindsey Marsh, Perry Jackson, Iemke Roos, Simon DeLisle, Phil Alexander-Pye, David Ashe, Alex Chen, Clive Domone, Leah Ferrari & partner Arran Aykens, Ken-Yi Fong, Emma Gardner, Jonathan Griffin, Roger Hill, Dipesh Patel, David Perl, David Stirling, Lee Welch, & John Legge-Wilkinson.

“This is a fantastic result for the Melbourne office – and a great reflection on the spirit and commitment within Arup to help the wider community.”
Thank you to Samantha Webb, Conor Monaghan, Jenny Bowtell and Arup CPP for their support and help with the organisation of these days.

There will be more opportunities next year to help Habitat with Humanity – back at Yea and also at other housing projects at Droin and Crib Point.

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