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Project overview

Project overview

  • The Kavre region was devastated by an earthquake in 2015 resulting in over 500 homes being destroyed in one small village alone.
  • A global team, with Lauren Biscombe and Stuart Ross from Arup, travelled to Kavre in January 2016 to help in the disaster recovery.
  • Seven outhouses were built for the most vulnerable families in the area.

After the earthquake in April 2015, Nepal was devastated with over a million homes destroyed. The Kavre region in particular, where this build took place, was particularly badly hit. Lauren Biscombe and Stuart Ross travelled to the region in January 2016 to kick-start re-building efforts with a small team coordinated through Habitat for Humanity Australia.

In the end this project not only resulted in seven outhouses being constructed for the most vulnerable families but also ensured that they were given a sense of support from the global nature of the team that travelled to the region.

The project has had a beneficial impact on the local community as it has not only provided substantially safer conditions for the most vulnerable families but also facilitated future house building in the area. Socially, it has also demonstrated to the local community that they are not alone in a time of great need with a truly global team coming to help with the re-build efforts.

The project was important for Habitat for Humanity as it demonstrated how they could support a larger team in a period where supplies were limited due to blockades on the Nepal border. This therefore opens up potential for future builds regardless of the political situation in Nepal. It also served as reconnaissance for future builds involving many more volunteers.

Arup, with two engineers joining the build, contributed significantly to the success of the project. The build was recorded on social media through a daily diary to share with the rest of the Arup community.

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