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Project overview

Project overview

  • Arup partnered with People Oriented Design to design a new pedestrian footbridge linking key buildings of a Community Hospital on the Solomon Islands.
  • The bridge design responds appropriately to local construction capabilities and makes use of available materials as much as possible.

Atoifi Adventist Hospital is located in a remote part of the Solomon Islands and funded and managed by the Adventist Church based in Brisbane. The hospital recently built a new Tuberculosis (TB) Isolation Ward to one side of the main hospital to allow more effective treatment and to address some cultural issues of having the TB Ward within the main hospital complex.

The Ward has been completed but requires a link pedestrian bridge across a deep gully to allow direct and safe access between the new Ward and the main Hospital. Arup were approached by James Cook University who are working with the hospital to undertake some infectious disease research.

Arup partnered with key hospital staff and People Oriented Design, a Cairns based architect, to develop an architectural and engineering solution to the link bridge. The project’s next stage is the construction of the bridge.

Atoifi Adventist Hospital serves a population of 80,000 on the island of Malaita. As one of only five hospitals in the country, Atoifi serves a regional as well as a "mission" role. The hospital cares for people who live in small, remote villages with no modern amenities. Atoifi College of Nursing prepares graduates at diploma level to work in hospitals and in clinics across the country.

Our project partners included key staff at the Hospital, who provided valuable insight into local construction methods and capabilities, and staff from People Oriented Design (POD), who visited the project site to gain understanding regarding the project setting, as well as physical, materials and cultural constraints and opportunities.

Our Cairns-based staff worked with the project stakeholders to develop an understanding of the project’s functional requirements and of local construction practices and capabilities, and we used this information in developing the design of the pedestrian link bridge. 

We worked closely with POD to develop an appropriate technical solution to the problem. Arup provided structural engineering design and sketch documentation, and our efforts were incorporated into a formal set of design drawings authored by POD.

Ultimately, our joint design efforts have resulted in a proposed solution which responds appropriately to the end-user requirements, provides flexibility in the staging of the proposed construction works, and makes appropriate use of locally-sourced materials and construction capabilities and methodologies.

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