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Project overview

Project overview

  • This programme is a partnership between the Ove Arup Foundation and Chongqing University’s School of Urban Construction and Environment Engineering.
  • It will help educate a new generation of students and researchers in the design of sustainable buildings and cities.
  • The partnership will set up a model for other universities to follow.

The Ove Arup Foundation (TOAF) and the School of Urban Construction and Environment Engineering at Chongqing University are partnering on a new international education programme – ‘Sustainable built environments: design and management’.

The course will contribute greatly to the sustainable development of Chongqing and the rest of China, setting up a model for other universities.

Overseas professors from the University of Reading and the University of Cambridge will contribute to the programme’s International Visiting Professor Series. Raymond Yau, Arup Fellow, is one of the core lecturers and will make a significant contribution to the series.

TOAF is an independent charity established in 1989 to honour Sir Ove Arup by supporting education and knowledge sharing in the built environment. Over the years, TOAF has supported teaching, research and projects in universities and organisations across the UK, Africa, Australia and Asia.

This is the first time TOAF has collaborated with a university in mainland China.

November 2014 - A signing ceremony was held to launch the course 'Sustainable built environments: design and management.

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