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Project overview


  • We worked withone of  the principal Madrid’ stakeholders as a relevant actor and promoter of the culture in Madrid
  • Arup engaged and reinforced its link with non – profit organizations and other associations
  • We helped the local community to understand how we shapesa better world building by designing the city and encouraging an early understanding of engineering

The second edition of Open House Madrid carried out over the weekend of 1-2 October attracted 35,000 participants. During this event, locals and visitors to Madrid were invited to explore a selection of the city’s celebrated buildings. Arup sponsored the event and participated actively in the organisation in the visit of the buildings of the “Ruta Arup” (Arup Route).

The primary objective of the Open House Madrid event is to provide the public with the opportunity to identify well-designed architecture in the public and private realms, and appreciate its social, economic and environmental significance. Open House believes the best way to do this is to experience exemplary architecture at first hand – ‘in the flesh’, to acquire knowledge, and join the debate about the design standards of the city and its future.

Our 25 volunteers had the change to shape a better world. Approximately 616 people attended the Arup buildings during the weekend, and around 40,000 people enjoyed the event. As part of the sponsorship, some of our Directors also had the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive dinner with well-known architects around the world.

The feedback was very positive. The majority of the participants stated that the tours had exceeded their expectations and that they would definitely recommend the tours to others.

There were many comments praising the work that Arup has done, and praising the guides themselves, the way that they presented the information and their good knowledge of the buildings. As one of the buildings showed was our office, we explained our ethics, our ways to do the things and we showcased some examples of our works.

Open House allowed Arup to be one of the principal Madrid’ stakeholders as a relevant actor and promoter of the culture in the city – an active sponsor of the city.

We engaged with the local community, including families and children, making them understanding that Arup shapes a better world building and designing the city & encouraging an early understanding of engineering. We engaged with Madrid Arup staff motivating our young engineers and improve their communications skills. We shared knowledge internally in Arup and with other academic and professional stakeholders. Arup engaged and reinforced its link with non – profit organizations such as Culture Care Foundation among other associations (COAM).

An additional and longer term benefit was that events such as this highlight the importance of engineering consulting in the realisation of any architectural project and also of a sustainable future through sustainable design.

“For us it is very rewarding to participate in this initiative, because we must strive for Arup to become a part of Madrid and vice versa. We think that architecture is a fundamental part of a city’s culture, and for shaping a better world, it is essential to know the history of these emblematic buildings.”
Miguel Prieto, Associate Director
"Many of these monumental buildings are closely linked to the history of the city and also to our history. Throughout these 20 years, we have worked on many of them and, through our design, have helped shape buildings that constitute the identity of Madrid."
Mark Chown, Group Leader

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