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Project overview

Project Overview

  • Arup supported this year’s Link Festival with members of the team taking part in panel discussions and giving presentations
  • The festival brought together over 1200 engineering, architecture, technology, design and social change professionals.

Members of Arup’s Australian team attended this year’s Link Festival, bringing together leading technological and social innovators and social entrepreneurs, along with young, enthusiastic minds from Australia and around the globe with the aim to learn about, discuss and create real social change through design, technology and innovation. The festival was hosted by Engineers Without Borders and Wildwon.

Hamish Banks from Arup lead a session recounting his time in Timor Leste where explored how local materials could be used to create sustainable and structurally sound housing whilst also creating jobs and building knowledge within the local communities. For the presentation he was joined by his Timor counterpart Lazio Miranda (who incidentally had his first trip on a plane to get to the conference from Timor), as well as the successor to his role, Jack Nugent. The session was well attended with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm shown by all attendees.

Kara Brussen from Arup also advised on the festival’scarbon footprint, whilst Felicity Furey took part in a panel discussion on diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and how to get more women involved in design and technology.

Link Festival brings together a diverse range of people to share their experiences of using design and technology to shape a better world.
Hamish Banks, Presenter at Link Festival, Arup

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