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Project overview

Project overview

  • Nine Arup volunteers travelled to Panama to build a bridge across the River Ciricito.
  • The 46m suspension footbridge will provide vital access to local schools, markets and medical facilities.
  • The volunteers also met with local civil engineering students and invited them on site to see the construction.

A team of nine Arup volunteers travelled to Panama to build a bridge connecting the villages of Arriba, Teria Nacimiento and El Caracoral across the River Ciricito. The 46m suspension footbridge provides vital access to local schools, markets and medical facilities. Currently the river floods for four months of the year, when it cannot be crossed safely.

Arup worked on the project with Bridges to Prosperity (B2P). The not-for-profit organisation aims to overcome rural isolation through constructing footbridges over impassable areas – enabling people to access health centres, schools and towns.

The World Bank estimates that 50% of Panamanian children are poor, with poverty concentrated in rural areas. The small community of about 1,000 people living in huts around the bridge site is very isolated. There’s no mains electricity, no internet and no mobile phone signal. 

This, combined with the start of the rainy season, made the project quite a challenge for the volunteers. The hilly, muddy access to the site meant that materials had to be dropped off a 30-minute drive away at the end of the asphalt road and shuttled to site in a 4x4. 

The bridge design also had to account for seismicity. Our volunteer engineers used the BridgeTOOL resource developed by Arup every day to update the design and tweak the project programme to ensure they could still meet the demanding deadline.

The volunteers still found time to visit the local UTP Penenome (Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, Penenome region) and talk to civil engineering students about the project. A group of students also joined the team on site to gain first-hand experience.

The Ciricito River bridge builds on the success of the Arup and B2P project in Rwanda in 2013, where the bridge over the river Muregeya was the first to use the BridgeTOOL system.
It’s a tremendously rewarding experience working together with the local community and seeing first-hand the significant positive impact the bridge makes to their daily lives, and through sharing knowledge and building expertise we can help people build essential links that will have a significant impact on local communities within the country in the long term
Phil Borowiec, project manager, Arup, Panama
These bridges provide a vital lifeline for rural communities around the globe. When the rivers swell, walks to school, work or visits to a doctor can become life-threatening without a bridge so we can make a big difference.
Avery Louise Bang, CEO, Bridges to Prosperity, Panama



15 September, 2014
September 2014

Arup team travels to Panama to assist B2P and the local community with the construction of the bridge
1 September, 2014
September 2014

Inauguration day! Big celebrations had by all!
5 August, 2014
July and August 2014

Through close collaboration with B2P, Arup develop the detailed design of the 46m suspension bridge.
16 June, 2014
June 2014

Arup develop concept design of the suspension bridge
22 May, 2014
May 2014

Arup signed MoU with B2P. Arup team formed.
14 April, 2014
April 2014

Community of Ciricito (Panama) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bridges to Prosperity (B2P)
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