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Project overview


  • Arup is working with FRANK Water to develop a series of workshops for Key Stage 2 (KS2) school pupils.
  • As part of the project, FRANK Water and Martin Kiszko (Bristol’s Green Capital Poet for 2015) have written a poem, highlighting issues associated with unsafe water and sanitation in a fun and engaging way.

Introducing children to the issues associated with water and sanitation will help to ensure that the next generation is better equipped to advocate for sustainable and inclusive international development.

To support this aim, FRANK Water and poet Martin Kiszko created a poem that follows the ‘Knights of King Frank’ as they embark on a quest to solve the water quality and pollution issues of the mythical kingdom of King Frank. They also developed a series of poetry workshops for KS2 pupils whilst introducing the international work of FRANK Water.

Going forward, the Arup team is developing three additional workshops which will help children to explore the wider impacts of unsafe water and sanitation and encourage them to look for solutions based on different development contexts. The workshops will continue to build upon themes touched on by Martin Kiszko’s poem, and will be delivered either by Arup staff or independently by schools. Each workshop will have a lesson plan and a range of downloadable materials.

“Working with FRANK Water & Martin Kiszko (the UK's Green Poet) was a brilliant experience for our older KS2 children. Not only did they take part in interactive poetry workshops, learn about different verse forms and write their own poems but Martin's story - King FRANK & the Knights of the Eco-Quest (written in the form of an epic poem) really highlighted the issues around climate change and the global water crisis in a unique and easy to understand way, which we further explored with the lesson plans FRANK Water provided. And...we fundraised over £250 for FRANK Water, filling recycled plastic bottles with spare change! A clever idea that's super simple and fun for children to do."
Nicky Ricketts, St John’s Primary School

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