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RedR-UK is an international disaster relief charity which relieves suffering caused by disasters by selecting, training and providing competent and committed personnel to humanitarian programmes worldwide. RedR-UK works with relief organisations and their staff to deliver appropriate and specialist training, which enables organisations to respond to major global emergencies effectively.

Arup have been core supporters of RedR-UK since 1982 when RedR was founded (originally as ‘Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief’). In 1991, Arup became a Patron of RedR-UK and has been instrumental in helping RedR-UK to develop over the past 23 years.  Both organisations have helped each other to achieve their stated aims.  Arup has given generously in corporate donations, staff fundraising, and access to facilities, staff time and expertise.  Meanwhile RedR-UK has provided personal and professional opportunities for Arup staff in the form of training, overseas placements, technical support service, team building and fundraising events. As a result, Arup has played a role – through providing funding and/or skilled people - in most significant post-disaster contexts over the past 20 years.

In 2011 / 2012, RedR-UK trained over 6000 aid workers in 40 countries. Last year RedR-UK trained over 8000 aid workers in 35 countries making sure that people who deliver humanitarian aid have the skills they need to be effective. If each aid worker that was trained has managed to help just a dozen people imagine what a difference this has made!! In the last 12 months over 40 members of Arup staff have been on RedR-UK training courses and 5 people have been on overseas placements, from Bangladesh to Uganda, Mexico to Uganda.

Closer to home, RedR-UK have been working to create a facility like our skills networks so aid workers can ask technical questions of experts while they are in the field, a vital resource to make sure the right solutions are being implemented to really make a difference to those in need. We are always looking for experienced staff who are willing to help answer these technical questions.

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