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Partner overview

Depaul International is the parent organisation of a group of charities working around the world supporting homeless and marginalised people.  In Europe, Depaul delivers services in Ireland, UK, Ukraine, Slovakia and France and is looking to extend to new locations. Depaul manages over 80 projects providing shelter, food, medical care and a place of safety for nearly 13,000 individuals a year.

Depaul’s vision is for everyone to have a place to call home and a stake in their community.  With 25 years experience, Depaul has built a strong reputation for providing practical support to those who are most in need.  The organisation meets people where they are, building trust and putting in place a tailored package of support to help each person on their journey away from homelessness towards a brighter future. 

Depaul is passionate about raising awareness of homelessness and sharing best practice.  The charity is working with DePaul University in Chicago to establish the Institute of Global Homelessness – a hub for policymakers and practitioners to find the tools they need to help end homelessness across the world.

The Europe Community Engagement Committee has been in contact with Depaul International since July 2013. Arup and Depaul have agreed to establish a strategic partnership as we believe that our aims about doing socially useful work in communities are aligned and we can learn from each other.

We are in process of identifying projects to work on together, that will allow members from groups across Arup in Europe to engage and use their expertise. Arup has donated funds to Depaul in celebration of World Water Day to support the running of facilities and some funds to support development costs.

We are very excited about developing this strategic partnership with Arup in Europe. There’s a strong synergy between Arup’s mission to shape a better world and Depaul’s commitment to helping the most marginalised and vulnerable people.
Mark McGreevy, Group Chief Executive, Depaul International