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Education is a national priority in South Africa. It is the driving force for the future of our country. It transforms lives, eradicates poverty, shapes, builds and creates the leaders of tomorrow. The future of the country depends upon it. Every aspect of society is moulded by it. How the country will be shaped: our civil servants who run our government; our scientists who may find a cure for HIV/Aids or create a solution for renewable energy; the businesses that we will run; the literature that we will produce; and the cities that we will build. The power of education to change lives is limitless.

The Arup Education Trust owns 30% of Arup Pty (Ltd) and was established as a means to enhance the quality of lives of disadvantaged youths through education and skills development.

The mission is to provide an enabling environment that allows these students to tap into their full potential. This will be achieved through a holistic approach that marries funding with guidance and mentorship, empowering with skills and knowledge; enabling development of successful, empowered leaders of tomorrow.

This ethos supports the Trust's core values of quality, unity, compassion and integrity in everything that it does.

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