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Arup has once again been listed amongst the Top 10 Australian organisations with the strongest CSR management capabilities.

The list was announced in Melbourne yesterday by the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR) at the launch of  their annual review – The State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand Annual Review 2015 – Initiators, Integrators, and Innovators. This year’s list also included other major organisations such as BHP Billiton, Sydney Water, Westpac and IAG.

Following the launch, Peter Bowtell participated in a panel discussion moderated by Dr Leeora Black, Managing Director of ACCSR with Ian Wood, BHP Billiton and Andrew MacLeod of Good Super.

Over 1000 survey respondents took part in this year’s Review which classified organisations into three stages of CSR maturity – Initiators, Integrators and Innovators, based on a recently published 2014 Harvard Business School framework which suggests that as an organisation matures so too does its organisational commitment to sustainability.

Individual company scores were based on four CSR management capabilities – stakeholder engagement, stakeholder dialogue, integrating stakeholder values and social accountability.

The Review concluded that stakeholder engagement is still the highest priority for organisations across all stages, with other priorities then varying dependent upon maturity stage.  Innovators were more likely to prioritise global sustainability issues and use these challenges to develop environmentally responsible products and services to create value and drive positive outcomes for all.

This year’s Review was prepared in conjunction with La Trobe Business School, New Zealand Sustainable Business Council, Envirostate, Wright Communications and WME.

The Report is now available on the ACCSR website.

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