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Barclays Moontrekker is a gruelling event in which participants compete in an overnight marathon of 40 km with over 3km of elevation change (and summiting Lantau Peak). This year there were three entries from Arup staff: The Andy Cunningham Badgers – Alastair Curry, Alistair Sargeant, David Rollinson and Matt Mills – in the team category; Paul Sweeney in the individual race; and Rhodri Williams in the mixed pair with his partner Nia Cooper – The Walking Welshies.

Alistair Sargeant was on great form for the entirety of the race, even stopping to do some extra work-outs after summiting Lantau Peak!

Dave slipped behind early on with his knee playing up but produced a superhuman effort through kilometres 20-30 to catch up and finish with The Badgers. Credit also goes to Dave for supporting Al along the final 2.5km road descent who had a pretty torrid time with an achilles and thigh strain throughout the race and who really had no right to finish, save his steely northern mentality. Despite a slump somewhere between 25-30km – for which a sing-a-long to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas was the only remedy – Matt held a pretty steady pace all night. Paul Sweeney, a now honorary ‘Badger’, gave a sterling performance throughout – giving Ali Sarge a run for his money with his enthusiasm, positivity and nonchalant approach to this otherwise punishing event. Rhodri slipped behind early on, but seemingly only to give himself a handicap as he powered through to give himself a ‘Personal Best ’ and is now named as Arup’s fastest Moontrekker EVER!

  • Rhodri Williams got on the podium in 3rd place @5hrs 54mins
  • The Andy Cunningham Badgers finished in 9th place @8hrs 31mins
  • Paul Sweeney finished in 111th place (of 250!) @8hrs 47mins

It was a great event and best of all – we raised a whopping HK$5,000+ for the charity Room to Read.

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