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The Prince’s Trust centres are used to deliver the courses that they run. The Prince’s Trust courses help the young people that are most in need of it. There are 8 courses that the Trust runs and a new centre helps them maximize the impact of their work.

Arup has used it specialist skills in producing computer visulisations to help the Prince’s Trust secure funding from a major donor for a new centre. The work was then developed to into an innovative 3D tool for presenting the fantastic work of the Prince’s Trust.

The visulisaitons were used in the presentation to the donor to showcase what a centre could look like; this helped the potential donor connect with the product of their donation.

Arup were happy to help after initially being approached to produce 2D visulisations of a typical Prince’s Trust centre. The extensive skills that are present in Arup were applied to the need of the Prince’s Trust. Subsequent to the successful pitch the 2D visulisations were transformed into a 3D environment where content relating to the work undertaken by the Trust was embedded into an interactive environment.

The 3D environment provided a new, innovative interactive app for fundraisers or other staff to present to the work of the Prince’s Trust with. The development of the app challenged the Prince’s Trust to use new technology in an innovative way and as such the brief was always developing until the final day.

The visualisations gave freedom to the Arup staff to develop new skills both the Manchester and London offices. The increased skill set of the visualisation team can now be built upon in the work undertaken on a day to day basis.

It is hoped that the visualisation will be used extensively by the Prince’s Trust and that it helps to raise many more millions of pounds in the future!

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