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Arup support the Prince’s Trust programmes by hosting “employability days” across the UK. Employability days involve groups of young people (upto 12) on a Prince’s Trust course visiting an Arup office to help develop key employability skills that will support them in obtaining employment.

The young people get the opportunity to hear, see and learn about working in an office environment, what engineering is and what roles are required for a business to operate. There is also a design task that promotes team work, confidence and logical problem solving skills in the young people.

The days are run by Arup staff volunteers and are often influenced by the projects that are within the office at the time. This gives an opportunity for staff to directly give back to their local community in an easy, safe environment.

Arup are able to directly support the Prince’s Trust in delivering their programmes by using our facilities and staff in a way that brings benefits to both parties; a real win-win situation.

This project has proved to be a very popular activity to date and further projects are continually being undertaken around the UK.

Arup support of the employability days enables the Prince’s Trust to run high quality programmes that obtain excellent outcomes for the young people.
Ed Sayce, United Kingdom

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